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SKIP has a tech blog!

· One min read
Eline Henriksen

Anthos in Google Cloud

SKIP is starting a tech blog! 🚀

Or call it a newsletter if you're tired of blogs 🤪

Our first entry is already out, and it's about why we chose Anthos for hybrid cloud. We're working on more entries into that series and other exciting topics, so stay tuned!

SKIP is Statens Kartverks Infrastruktur Plattform, or in English, the Infrastructure Platform of the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

We're the platform team at Kartverket. We tame Kubernetes and the Cloud. With SKIP, developers in Kartverket are empowered to run, not walk, using a comprehensive toolbox of modern cloud technology. Using SKIP, developers can deploy applications to Kubernetes in a matter of minutes, while still being able to use the tools they know and love.

Like what you see?

We're a small team, but we're growing fast. We're also hiring, so if you're interested in working with us, check out our open positions.