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· 20 min read
Eline Henriksen

A screenshot of Argo CD

Argo CD is an awesome tool. It helps teams de-mystify the deployment process on Kubernetes by providing a visual representation of the deployments in the cluster, and GitOps methodologies gives a consistent and understandable structure to your configuration files.

But what's the best way to scale when adding more teams? How can we make sure that we're building our GitOps in a way that facilitates for self service and security? That's what we'll discuss in this blog post.

Kartverket has been using Argo CD and GitOps for several years, and we've built an architecture that solves our needs for scale and self-service. Here we'll share our learnings and discuss why our teams are so happy with our Argo setup.

· 10 min read
Eline Henriksen

Anthos in Google Cloud

In this final installment of the Anthos series, we will talk about what we learned on the way to building hybrid infrastructure at Kartverket.

It's been a long journey, and there's plenty of things we've learned along the way in building a hybrid Kubernetes platform. We'll try to share some of those hard earned lessons in this post.

· 18 min read
Eline Henriksen
Bård Ove Hoel

Anthos in Google Cloud

In this second installment of the Anthos series, we will talk about how we run Anthos and hybrid cloud at Kartverket. We'll touch on the hardware, the software, and the processes we use to keep it running.

By the end we hope that we'll have de-mystified Anthos a bit, and maybe given you an idea of what it takes to run Anthos in production.

If you haven't read the first part, you can find it here.

· 8 min read
Eline Henriksen

Anthos in Google Cloud

Over the years we talked with many other public sector companies about their experiences in running containers in production. One of the biggest challenges that we hear again and again is the challenge of running hybridized workloads, or how to have some workloads running on-premise and some in the the cloud in a good way.

In this newsletter-series we will share some of our experiences solving this issue by running Anthos on VMWare (or GKE on-prem, if you prefer) tied together to the cloud in Kartverket using hybrid mesh. We will also discuss the reasons we went with Anthos and pros and cons we have experienced so far.